We are Connecting Stockholm, and we are committed to connecting people. Our aim is to be the operator of choice, to lead the way towards a new mobility future.


A local company – with international knowledge and inspiration

We are Connecting Stockholm, a local independent joint-stock company formed via a collaborative venture that has brought together the extensive expertise and global knowledge of two international public transport companies, Go-Ahead and ComfortDelGro, to assume full responsibility for managing and operating the metro in Stockholm.

Connecting Stockholm stands for world-leading knowledge of metros, expertise in management and customer service of the highest quality. We know what is required to operate and develop Stockholm’s metro and therefore we have gathered all this knowledge under one roof to be able to use it effectively. We do it in a local organisation that has full control.

In Connecting Stockholm, there are employees with excellent and extensive experience and knowhow of Stockholm’s metro. At the same time, the local company has been loaded with international knowledge and inspiring solutions, such as first-class customer service from the UK and knowledge and world-class digital solutions for metro and asset management from Singapore. Add to that great focus and experience in accessibility and social sustainability.

The two holding companies

Go-Ahead logo

Go-Ahead Group operates in the Nordic region through regional and local trains in Norway and bus operations in Sweden. In the UK, a fifth of all rail journeys are made with Go-Ahead, that also is the largest bus operator in London. In addition, the group has operations in Singapore and Ireland. Go-Ahead was voted the UK’s top transport company in the annual study Britain’s Most Admired Companies during year 2021 and 2022.

ComfortDelGro logo

ComfortDelGro Group is one of the world’s largest land transport companies with a global workforce, a global shareholder base and a global outlook. Apart from being the market leader in Singapore, where the metro is operated by CDG’s subsidiary SBS Transit, ComfortDelGro operates in seven countries, from Great Britain to New Zealand.