We are a Swedish company with strong, local roots where local expertise is combined with experience from the international ownership companies.

Our values

We are results-oriented

We focus on results through close monitoring and evaluation, constantly trying to make improvements and innovative solutions. We are agile and data driven and take every opportunity to adapt to our customers’ ever-changing needs. It could be everyday improvements, big or small steps that can make a big difference. We use our resources responsibly by making sustainable choices. We value and invest in our people and customers by using new technology and digital solutions.

We are passionate

We are committed mobility experts who take great care and pride in delivering a safe, accessible service every day. We believe in empowering our people and pushing ourselves to a higher standard. Our people are key to delivering a culture of trust, exceeding our customers’ expectations is what we do. We do not wait for opportunities – we create them! We love moving forward and making progress together with our customers. We are devoted to connecting people.

We are relationship builders

We build relationships – it’s in our DNA. We are transparent communicators, collaborative partners who connect with our stakeholders, with a focus on reliability and trust. For us unity means strength in numbers and our biggest asset is our people. We are passionate about working in teams and believe in building strong networks that are diverse and inclusive. By forging strong relationships, we are confident we will create a culture that delights and exceeds our stakeholders, teams, and customers’ expectations.

A few words from our CEO

We are Connecting Stockholm

We are a Swedish company, with strong, local roots that gets inspiration from our international owners – which gives us the best of both worlds! By applying our global experience, we can contribute to developing Stockholm’s metro into one of the most innovative and forward-looking operations in the world. Safety and security are always the focus of our customer experience. We have a good understanding and knowledge of the changes and challenges that can arise in a complex operation such as the metro. We know the importance of collaboration and building relationships with all our stakeholders who operate and develop the metro. We are determined and dedicated to deliver journeys that are safe and accessible – every day, 24/7. We connect people and places, we connect Stockholm, we are Connecting Stockholm.

Matt Kinane, CEO Connecting Stockholm

The holding companies

Go-Ahead Group has 27,000 employees, long-term owners and a raft of exciting contracts.

ComfortDelGro is one of the largest land transport companies in the world with a global workforce, a global shareholder base and a global outlook.

The Group was formed on 29 March 2003 through the merger of two land transport companies – Comfort Group and DelGro Corporation. Both had started out in the 1970s and had, by the time of the merger, grown to become successful listed land transport companies.

Following the merger, ComfortDelGro has expanded significantly and now operates in seven countries. Apart from being the market leader in Singapore, ComfortDelGro operates in seven countries, from the United Kingdom to New Zealand. The company has a global fleet of about 34,000 vehicles and 23,000 employees.