Our corporate culture means a lot to us and we care about our colleagues. Going to work should be fun! Diversity and inclusion are close to our hearts. We do it together!

We make a

Connecting Stockholm embraces a linear organisational structure, one where our team and colleagues have many opportunities to make independent decisions and actively participate. We trust each other, show resourcefulness, and build relations. Having a local organisation in place ensures that our team can make wise and informed decisions that not only aligns with the local requirements, but also takes into account the specific context and needs of our operations in Stockholm.

We focus a lot on the interaction between our leaders and staff. We believe that leadership is not just a title, but a code of conduct that guides our actions and behaviors. It is a way of behaving and work, simply to give the right conditions that bring out the best in each person. Good leadership creates energy and make sure that all team members are seen, respected, valued and can contribute all the time.

In our work approach and our decision-making process, our efforts are always grounded in our vision “We connect Stockholm” and of course our core values which is central to everything we do and the basis foundation of our corporate culture. At Connecting Stockholm we are constantly working with a focus on creating a sustainable and accessible society for all our customers and partners.

Diversity and Inclusion

While we primarily recruit based on skills and knowledge, we also place a strong emphasis on fostering diversity within our team.

Our corporate culture promotes diversity and inclusion and we believe that we can all contribute, shape and develop our business. This is an important message. Here, everyone should feel appreciated and be able to develop both career-wise and as an individual – all of course to reach their full potential.

Everyone should be able to work, feel at home and flourish with us. We treat all our passengers and stakeholders with the same respect, and do the same with our colleagues, naturally.

Public transport is a key element in responding to the challenges of a sustainable society in the future. Although the industry is, in many ways, still a traditional one, Connecting Stockholm takes pride in being at the forefront working on social sustainability and accessibility issues that benefit society as whole. We strive to be an active partner in driving positive change in these areas.

Diversity, inclusion, innovative and fresh thinking will take us into the future.

Get in touch – we want to hear more about you!

We are always – and in fact already now – on the outlook for good and talented colleagues who can bring us new knowledge and new mindsets. Above all we are seeking people who have the passion and who truly believe they can make a difference to public transport. Here, you have a unique opportunity to make the public transport experience even better for our passengers and stakeholders.

So if you feel like you’re one of us and want to join our journey and make a difference – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!